речник контакт

СМС Кратенки

Луѓево измислиле цел речник со кратенки при пишувањето кратки пораки. Проверете на повеќе, можеби за некоја од нив ќе ве фати око!!!

Зоран Николов

ATB All The Best [br] NITING Anything [br] R Are [br] RU CMNG Are You Coming [br] RU OK Are You OK? [br] [br] AFAIK As far as I know [br] B Be [br] BHL8 Be Home Late [br] B4 Before [br] BIL Boss Is Listening [br] CMi Call Me [br] [br] CUB L8R Call You Back Later [br] XLNT Excellent [br] FYI For Your Information [br] F2T Free To Talk [br] GR8 Great [br] L8 Late [br] LDN London [br] M8 Mate [br] PRL Parents Are Listening [br] w8N waiting [br] L&N landing [br] po$bl possible [br] shopN shopping [br] PLZ Please [br] PCME Please Call Me [br] PLZ 4GV ME Please Forgive Me [br] RGDS Regards [br] RINGL8 Running Late [br] CU See You [br] SPK Speak [br] THX Thanks [br] 2DAY Today [br] 2MORO Tomorrow [br] W84M Wait For Me [br] WRU Where are you? [br] YR Your [br] 4YEO for your eyes only [br] 2D to delete [br] 2G4Y too good for you [br] AFAIK as far as I know [br] ASAP as soon as possible [br] BBB bye bye baby [br] BBL be back later [br] BF boy-friend [br] BRB be right back [br] BTW by the way [br] CM call me [br] CUIAL see you in another live [br] DWBH don\\\'t worry be happy [br] EOD end of discussion [br] F2F face to face [br] GF girl-friend [br] GOOML get out of my life [br] IC I see [br] IGP I gotta pee [br] IGTP I got the power [br] IHU I hate you [br] IKU I kill you [br] ILU I love you [br] IWALU I will always love you [br] J4F just for fun [br] JAM just a minute [br] JAS just a second [br] JK just kidding [br] J2LYK just to let you know [br] KC keep cool [br] KIT keep in touch [br] KMS killing me softly [br] KOTC kiss on the cheek [br] KOTL kiss on the lips [br] LOL lots of laughing/lots of love [br] NN nothing new [br] NP no problem [br] NU need you [br] OIC oh, I see [br] SFE2E smiling from ear to ear [br] SOL sooner or later [br] SWAK sealed with a kiss [br] SYS see you soon [br] TA thanks again [br] TNT till next time [br] TOY thinking of you [br] T2YL talk to you later [br] TUVM thank you very much [br] UMML you make me laugh [br] W4U waiting for you [br] wb welcome back [br] WTF What the fuck? [br] WUWH wish you were here [br] ICQ I Seek you [br]


Дали Општина Велес да се задолжи со 46 милиони денари, за да се изгради покриен Градски пазар?