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The Alternative Macedonian Dictionary

Најдов еден странски толкувач на некои од нашиве пцовки. Се здробив од смеа!

Зоран Николов

d da svrsi (duh svrshee) to have an orgazam, to cum da te ebam (duh tee aebam) ‡ may I fuck you NOTE UNISEX-everybody can say this to anybody. da te ebam u gz (duh tee aebam ou g\'z) ‡ let me fuck you in your ass NOTE nly a man to man can say this. However, don\'t say it! da te mocam od keramidi (duh tee mo-tsam odca-ramee- dee) ‡ may I pee on you from the roof NOTE Very strong, don\'t use it unless you are really pissed off (even then watch whom you are telling this to). da te seram (duh tee sae-ram) ‡ may I poop on you NOTE It is used when a person is pissed off because the one to whom those words were intented to screwed up something reeaaly bad. da ti go fukne konj (duh tee go fouck-neah koyn) ‡ may a horse stick his dick well into you NOTE If you don\'t want your fascial description to be changed, DON\'T USE IT! g gomno (gom-no) shit,poop NOTE It is not used like Americans use Shit!, ,but it is used to people (as a \"compliment\") k kur (cour) dick kur se trese vo ladna voda ‡ the dick is shaking in the cool water note never ever say this word to your close friend. l lizipicka (leew-zee pitch-kuh) † pussysucker, suck up m me pali (mae pa-lee) he, she, it turns me on mrsulko (mr-soul-ko) snotty person, crybaby, coward NOTE It means that the person to whom it is intented is veeery immature in his actions. p picka ti mater (pitch-kuh tee mater) ‡ let me fuck your mother NOTE This is the most common swear in Macedonia pusi mi go (push-ee mee go) ‡ suck my dick pusi mi ja (push-ee mee ya) ‡ suck my pussy z пичка ~ piиka (pee-tchkuh) † pussy цицки ~ cicki (tsi-tskeeh) tits


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